Monday, March 13, 2006

The Royal Child

Her name was whispered in the halls,
As she walked slowly by.
And so she wondered what it was,
That caused the sound so shy.

What had she done, just who was she
To hearken such a fuss.
‘Twas it the morn upon the hill, when she would pick the daffodil?
That caused such gloomy guss .

Or maybe twas when Robert came.
And pulled her by the hair.
She didn’t holler, no not she.
But calmly she did bare.

And then she took him by the arm.
Whilst throwing him upon the ground.
While grownups looked on askance .
And stood about them round.

Or maybe twas the time she took.
A lizard from the rocky wall.
And placed on her tutor’s chair.
Which caused her teacher thus to bawl.

At any rate she walked the hall.
The royal hall at home.
And when she walked she didn’t care, what others thought when they did stare.
For she was left alone.

This does need work, but I am too tired tonight to work on it.


marlyat2 said...

Hey Donna--

I'm glad you're feeling better--positively "flowery"--and "making" pictures and poems and more. And you've got a royal child for your palace.

Please forgive the nccat side of me: I'd burnish this some more. Why those two long lines that break the ballad meter? I'd also challenge you to use a natural (spoken) word order--that makes the rhyming more difficult, of course, but it's worth it.

You ought to scan your pictures some time...

blog queen said...

Thanks for the comments and I totally agree. This was just something I "came up with" yesterday afternoon, and it does need work.

I have some of my work scanned, I shall have to bring and post it sometime.

marly said...

But I really like ballad stanza! I'd start burnishing...

Now I've got a stinking cold. Oh well. Hope I feel like writing afterward too!