Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Everywhere here flowers are in bloom. It is no longer dark when I set out for school in the morning and the drive is spectacular.

Main street in town is filled with tulips, yellow and white, showing themselves off in their owners yards. A canopy of blooming white trees greets my drive down the street. Their branches touch overhead. I love to drive this street. Forsythia, planted in rows beside some of the houses, grow untamed in their golden splendor. I want to do a pastel painting of them. It puts me in a happy mood to just go to work.

Spring is wonderful. I tried to post a picture of some of my artwork, but it didn't work, I shall have to work on that.

In other news I have applied for a new job. The official titile is "performing arts coordinator." It would entail creating the calendar for our school system's performing arts center, and doing the advertising/media releases for shows. I would love this. My current teaching situation is so stressful. I "might" get a call next week for an interview.


jarvenpa said...

lovely glimpse of flowers.
came here from marly's site, and shall visit again.

Connie said...

So the Blog Queen ventured to Ten Thousand Colors. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for encouraging my young writers. After weeks of Evaluative writing, we frolic in word play.

AHH, yes, spring.

marlyat2 said...

Donna, that's so exciting--the flowers, yes, but also the chance for a multi-media arts job. Much luck...

marlyat2 said...

Boo! That's too bad... But I'm sure something will come along that's just right for a woman of many interests and much energy.