Monday, February 20, 2006

The snow fell wiping everything clean.

The snow fell wiping everything clean. When I looked out my bathroom window last night the snow had fallen in my woods, dusting my woods with soft white glitter. I raced back to bed, and snuggled under the covers and felt warm and content. I fell into the deepest slumber, and dreamed of snow, of whiteness covering everything. Wherever the snow fell, it was not cold, but warm, and instantly everything around was covered and wiped clean. The snow fell, not only outside, but inside, in my bedroom. Everywhere I looked was white, good, pure clean. My dresser was white, the knobs were white, my bed was white, and I was covered in a white down blanket of snow. Joyful at this newness and cleanliness, in my dream I jumped out of my bed, but as soon as my feet landed on the floor the snow scattered and everything was the way it always is. The antique dresser was again brown and the hardwood floors brown. The snow began to evaporate, and I was left in my room, weeping, wanting the clean new start of the fresh snow. I must have awakened a bit then, because I remember feeling miffed that I can’t seem to get a fresh start, but too tired to comprehend anything, I drifted back off to sleep, chasing the eternal snow.

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