Saturday, August 19, 2006

Posting Pics

Okay, so I was able to post a couple of pictures before when I upgraded to Safari.

NOW Blogger will not let me upload any pics. I choose one and it says Loading pics, but only a ? mark appears. Anyone out there in blogland have a suggestion? I am running a MAC PowerBook G4 with the latest Safari for a broser. HELP PLEASE!!!



Gautam Rao said...

my advice would be to download Firefox and use that. Blogger supports Firefox more than Safari, even for Macs. Good luck!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Blogger can be a little glitchy at have to be patient with it. Do not swear at it or throw things at it etc. Sometimes the 1st pic pops right but the 2nd one does not appear. It can help I find to wait abit..when the button comes up that says "Load" go in the kitchen & get something to eat..let it sit there a few minutes and rest. If you hit the "load" button and nothing happens..I found something by accident that works. I have a popup stopper software loaded, so to get the load picture button to work I have to hit the Ctrl button at the same time for the pic window to come up..BUT I find when I have load problems, if I just hit the picture icon WITHOUT hitting the Ctrl button at the same time, the missing picture will pop into place?! I don't know why this works but it does. Also WHEN you try to post counts too. Do not try to post at busy times like lunch time etc. Try to do it very early or very for me :)

Kate S. said...

I second the recommendation to use Firefox. It seems to be the only way that blogger works properly on a Mac.

marly said...

Try it again, b.q.

Things have improved, at least for me.

Oh, and I owe you something and haven't forgotten--my office is all in the upper hall (for a stupid reason) and as soon as it goes back, I send! Honest.

m. said...


Let's see some pics!