Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New web blog

I now have a new webblog. Since I have no picture uploading capabilities with blogger, I have created a webblog for my art at


Please come visit.


jarvenpa said...

Well, I shall comment here, because I don't have a typepad or whatever account, and it doesn't look as if I can comment in your drawing blog.
But I did want to tell you I enjoyed your drawings, and your painting of Mary (I have special affection for her as well, I think mothers connect. Shulaminth Wulfing (I have likely spelled her first name wrong) has a painting of Mary holding her baby and looking at a thorny plant--holding him with protective passion, but with knowledge in her eyes; very poignant.)
I particularly like your sketch of the sad eyed child who has a fairy-life; you are perceptive indeed.

PamYla said...

Great looking picture! It is always nice to have a face with the name. I have a typepad but do not know what in the world to do with it lool