Monday, April 03, 2006

Palace Moving

I may be moving the palace, as I cannot post pictures at home because I run a Mac laptop. I can do it here at school, but want to do most of my blogging from home. So I am currently looking for a space that supports Mac better. I'll let anyone interested know if I move.


marly said...

Books arrived today--go check the update note?

marlyat2 said...


Have you sent me a note with an address? Haven't gotten one so far...

vthomas said...

Hi Blog Queen!
I found your spot. You know I was always technologically challenged.
I don't know anything about Mac hook ups. I hope you find something. I'd be interested in knowing where you place your new blog.

I shared my NCCAT book at school. My claim to fame is that my story was right behind Ron Rash's story! What is it? 15 minutes of fame.

Gotta run. Just checking in. Good to talk to you again!